Crafting after Christmas

Whew! What a rush at Christmas time but I sure do love it. I love adding hand made crafts to every day gifts.

I made some Christmas tree toppers for wine bottles they also look super cute as simple table top ornaments.

I also fished the area rug for my mom. It turned out beautifully. I really like the colors I choose. I find they are such iconic Canadian colors right now. I love the rug so much I almost hated to give it away but I knew there is nothing like a personal gift. Plus I know how to make more.

Here is the finished rug!

I founf the patteren simply by going to youtube and searching oval rug crochet pattern. There are a lot of great tutorials on youtube.

I am still crocheting away but I have also started learning how to knit! As for crochet projects I am making a tea cozy for a friend. All I have is the bottom band. Nothing too thrilling yet.

As for knitting I am trying Caron Cake yarn which is basically self striping yarn. I am loving it. The pattern I am doing is a scarf. It came free on the packaging. I chose this peachy pink and grey ball of yarn to match my coat. Knitting is different from crochet in that it is surprisingly quicker. I have probably put in a total of 3 hours for this project. I usually knit on break at work so for about 15 minute blocks or when I am watching TV or listening to podcasts. I had a few false starts where I had to undo the scarf and restart which can get frustrating. Also I tried 3 different needle sizes until I actually believed the size of knitting needle suggested on the package was right (I was skepticle!). There is a chance I might even get the scarf done before winter… maybe lol. But if not I will have a wonderful item next year.

My goal this year is to continue working through the summer on my crochet and knit projects. Usually in summer yarn is the furthest thing from my mind but I want to give out some more handmade gifts this Christmas. So stay tuned for updates!


Back to Crafting

Hi Everyone!

I’m back and crafting season has begun full steam. I took a bit of a break over the summer and just could not seem to find the passion to pick up the crochet hook this fall. However the Christmas bug hit me hard this November so I am back at it and I have a few things to show off.

Right now what I am working on is going to be a small “rag” rug maybe for a bathroom or kitchen. Typically this is an upcycle project where you can use old t-shirts or sheets or extra material layimg around to make your rug. This rug I am working on is going to be a gift so I decided to purchase new material. I wanted this rug to have a Canadian country feel but more on the modern side so I chose charcoal gray and plaid red. I have so much fun making these because you get to crochet using different types of material.

Here is my progress so far!

I do have other creations to show as well. Beside crochet I have been also trying my hand at pastel paintings. Althought pastels can be tricky and messy the results can be spectacular.

This was my first ever pastel painting.

It feels good to be crafting and writting again. Youbwill here from me soon and I hope to here from you!


Fish Tank Panels

Hello! So the wonderful blanket I am crocheting has taken a back seat. The weather is nice and my thoughts are far away from wooly blankets right now. But don’t worry, I will get back to it. As promised I am keeping a journal of the new projects I start and vow to see them to the end. I won’t let me readers down!

Speaking of new projects. I am in the process of making panels for my fish tank. A family member of mine gave me and my husband a free 50 gallon fish tank. It came on a metal stand. Although the stand is very nice you can see everything underneath. All the cords, all the fish food and cleaners. It’s not very nice.

Current state of fish tank

Now I have very limited skills when it comes to building and carpentry and after admiring endless pinterest pictures of DIY wood siding and faux rock siding I had to put my phone away and come up with a new plan. So what is the pegcitygirl to do? Fabric panels!


Here I have started constructing panels for the sides of my fish tank. This is the back of one of the side panels. I bought some strong ceramic magnets from my local hardware store to attach them. The fabric is a little funky but the tones are neutral so I am hoping it will blend well with my decor but still be interesting.

Well I’m off to put my sewing skills to the test. Wish me luck and as always I will keep you posted…unless its an epic fail. Then we will never speak of it again. After we laugh at the pictures that is.

Take care ☺


Chilly days need a blanket

Summer is slowly on its way but we still have some chilly nights here in Winnipeg. What goes best with a chilly night… A warm fuzzy blanket! I have been wanting to do a crochet or knitted blanket for some time now. Crochet is much faster for me and be cause I really wanted to do this project quickly I choose crochet. I have been working on my blanket for I would say about 3 hours total. Not all in one sitting mind you it has been over a couple of days. 

Down below I have included a picture of my progress so far. And for those of you who are interested I will include the pattern when I am finished along with a better picture of the finished project. I am actually making the project up as I go along so I dont know what the end result will really look like. 

So the journey continues. I hope to return soon with a completed blanket. Thank you for reading!

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Lets’s talk Crochet…Projects So Far

Hello Everyone! My first hobby I started when I decided to branch out and try new things was crochet. I had crocheted in the past when I was maybe 10 or 11. Our house was never without what my mom endearingly called a hotspot (aka pot holder). So crochet was the first thing I came back to when I wanted to start taking up hobbies again. I thought it would be a good idea to share some of the projects I have done to date before I get into the projects that are still in progress.

The Very First


The very first project I completed (besides the multitudes of practice squares) was a pair of slippers. It took me a few days to complete. Now I can make a pair in a few hours.



Living in Canada the next logical step… Winter ware! Next came hats, mitts and scarves. Anything to keep warm.


Although my works are far from perfect (the hat is too big, the scarf is too long and if you look closely every time I make a pair of mitts one is larger than the other lol) I ware them all the time with pride. One thing I have learned from crochet is it is not important if turns out perfect in the end. It really is all about the journey. Each piece is practice. I try a new stitch or technique or yarn. I get to learn with every step I take.

I will admit I don’t keep every piece I make, some get dismantled and the yarn recycled. But some times I even amaze my self. My favorite piece I have done to date is my tea cozy!


Doesn’t my tea pot look happy?


Well now you have seen a sampling of my projects to date. Next time I will show you what I have in progress. And please if you have any questions or comments I would love to hear from you! I would love to hear about any projects you’re working on too. Hope to talk to you soon!

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Let’s Try Everything

Hello, my name is Chelsea. This is my very first blog post ever. I really don’t know where to start. I want to write about everything! I guess I should start with what brought me here. I have always lived a simple life. Go to school, maybe see a movie with friends on the weekend and pretty much stay home and study the rest of my time. After school ended a large chunk of my routine was suddenly gone. I was feeling unfulfilled. But it isn’t until recently that I have been actually trying new things. As for the why I am writing this I guess I just wanted to share a piece of me with the world. So…with that being said… I guess what this blog will be all about is the new things I try. Most of the stuff I do is quite crafty. I love to crochet and have just taken up knitting but I also love to bake and paint and color lol. I do have a tendency to start projects and not finish them so I am hoping this blog will also help me finish things I start. I will document my journey while I work on new projects (and maybe while I struggle to finish old ones). I will also try to take pictures along the way or at least of the finish project. Proof that I did it!