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Let’s Try Everything

Hello, my name is Chelsea. This is my very first blog post ever. I really don’t know where to start. I want to write about everything! I guess I should start with what brought me here. I have always lived a simple life. Go to school, maybe see a movie with friends on the weekend and pretty much stay home and study the rest of my time. After school ended a large chunk of my routine was suddenly gone. I was feeling unfulfilled. But it isn’t until recently that I have been actually trying new things. As for the why I am writing this I guess I just wanted to share a piece of me with the world. So…with that being said… I guess what this blog will be all about is the new things I try. Most of the stuff I do is quite crafty. I love to crochet and have just taken up knitting but I also love to bake and paint and color lol. I do have a tendency to start projects and not finish them so I am hoping this blog will also help me finish things I start. I will document my journey while I work on new projects (and maybe while I struggle to finish old ones). I will also try to take pictures along the way or at least of the finish project. Proof that I did it!


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