Chilly days need a blanket

Summer is slowly on its way but we still have some chilly nights here in Winnipeg. What goes best with a chilly night… A warm fuzzy blanket! I have been wanting to do a crochet or knitted blanket for some time now. Crochet is much faster for me and be cause I really wanted to do this project quickly I choose crochet. I have been working on my blanket for I would say about 3 hours total. Not all in one sitting mind you it has been over a couple of days. 

Down below I have included a picture of my progress so far. And for those of you who are interested I will include the pattern when I am finished along with a better picture of the finished project. I am actually making the project up as I go along so I dont know what the end result will really look like. 

So the journey continues. I hope to return soon with a completed blanket. Thank you for reading!


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