Fish Tank Panels

Hello! So the wonderful blanket I am crocheting has taken a back seat. The weather is nice and my thoughts are far away from wooly blankets right now. But don’t worry, I will get back to it. As promised I am keeping a journal of the new projects I start and vow to see them to the end. I won’t let me readers down!

Speaking of new projects. I am in the process of making panels for my fish tank. A family member of mine gave me and my husband a free 50 gallon fish tank. It came on a metal stand. Although the stand is very nice you can see everything underneath. All the cords, all the fish food and cleaners. It’s not very nice.

Current state of fish tank

Now I have very limited skills when it comes to building and carpentry and after admiring endless pinterest pictures of DIY wood siding and faux rock siding I had to put my phone away and come up with a new plan. So what is the pegcitygirl to do? Fabric panels!


Here I have started constructing panels for the sides of my fish tank. This is the back of one of the side panels. I bought some strong ceramic magnets from my local hardware store to attach them. The fabric is a little funky but the tones are neutral so I am hoping it will blend well with my decor but still be interesting.

Well I’m off to put my sewing skills to the test. Wish me luck and as always I will keep you posted…unless its an epic fail. Then we will never speak of it again. After we laugh at the pictures that is.

Take care ☺


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